Dealing With Unfavorable Reviews

What if I’ve received a negative review?

If you've received a negative or inaccurate review on your listing, we can recommend a few ways to address the issue:

  • Post a Public Response

    If you've received a negative review on your listing, post a public response. This is a great opportunity for you to share your side of the story and turn a negative in your favor. To post a response, click the link at the bottom of the review, create an account if you don't have one, then compose and submit your response. Your response will be posted within one business day.

  • Contact the Reviewer

    If you recognize who left the review - reach out! Once you and the client have worked things out and they have agreed to withdrawal their review, we will be happy to remove the post. To remove a review, the reviewer should email from the same email they provided when submitting the review. (Unfortunately, we can't provide the client's contact information, this will have to come from your records.)

  • Request Administrative Review | Review Request Form

    Please note that a negative review does not itself constitute grounds for removal. Our goal is to make this site useful for customers as well as shop owners. Unnecessarily inflammatory, profane, malicious or personally offensive posts will be reviewed for removal in accordance with our Review Guidelines. If a review violates our guidelines, please bring it to our attention by submitting this form. Please note that a negative review does not itself constitute grounds for removal.

I’m considering legal action!

We take threats of legal action very seriously. Before you (or your attorney) contact us to threaten legal action, please consider this:

  • We're nice and reasonable people. The odds are good that legal action won’t be necessary if we can discuss your issue in a polite and businesslike manner.

  • The facts about our correspondence will be made available on this website. We think it is only fair for customers to know if a business they work with (or may work with in the future) is making threats of legal action in order to suppress discussion on the internet.

  • A body of law exists to protect operators of websites that allow user-generated content. Particularly, Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (summary and relevant cases provided by the EFF).